Quinta da Devesa vineyard and winery, located in the demarcated Douro region, in the North of Portugal, has the diversity of solar  and wind exposure for growing excellent wine grapes and producing great Douro and Port wines. On the Cima Corgo sub-region, and only 10 miles away from Peso da Régua, Quinta da Devesa vineyard and winery are located on  a promontory which overlooks the confluence of the rivers Douro and Corgo, from where an wonderful sight can be enjoyed, covering the valleys of the rivers and mountains of the region. With 34 hectares planted with the grape varieties recommended for the region, goes from a quota of 60 m up to 500 m high, part  facing south, getting an excellent sun exposure, and part facing the buttresses of Marão, where it receives natural fresh winds. This diversity of solar and wind exposure causes different levels of grape maturation, allowing timing of harvest in optimal conditions  and producing wines with differentiated characteristics and evolutions.
Douro River - View from Quinta da Devesa
High Quality Tawny Old Port Wines and Douro Wines Winnery
Looking for distribuition in : Belgium, Japan, Luxemburg, Norwegen, South Korea, Sweden,Switzerland, UK and US
DOC Douro Wines 2017 Awards 93  92  93   88  90  90   92  94  92   Port Wines